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How much does it cost to use e-plan?

Access to the use of the e-plan requires a license. This is necessary to operate and further develop the solution. Participation in courses to use the e-plan will no longer be required. Training materials and resources will be made available on the website. There will also be regular dates for open courses as well as the opportunity to order your own tailor-made course packages for your business.


Price: Monthly subscription: NOK 150,- (≈13€ /$14) (Card payment) 

Annual subscription: NOK 1250,- (110€ /$115)  (Card/Invoice)

24 months: NOK 2000, - (175€ /$190) (Assumes invoice payment)


For all card registered licenses, 3 months apply.

(No-obligation free trial!)

Folketrygden (Norway) can provide support of up to NOK 2,000 for software that is installed on your own iPad. Support for apps / software

Acquisition of e-plan

The application solution e-Plan habilitation is currently only available on the Apple iPad. e-plan will be also be available on other tablets and smartphones winter 2024/2025.


A license agreement for e-Plan can be ordered directly from the website (see above " set up license account") where you can choose between a monthly license, a 12-month license or a 24-month license (invoice). For license agreements with card payment registered on our website, a 3-month free trial period is provided automatically. You can log inn and cancel the subscription anytime within the trial period. 

If the license is to be paid for by others (for example a municipality), inquiries can be made directly to the e-mail address: . When paying an invoice, we do not need any information about the end user, but a contact person and invoice address is necessary.

For Norwegian citizens:

As of today, the application solution e-plan habilitation is not on NAV's framework agreement for aids. Please note that National Insurance can cover expenses for apps/software (outside the framework agreement) that are installed on private tablets. See information about the grant scheme here .


The application process:

For general information about the application process see here

"If none of the products in the framework agreement (NAV)  meet your needs, the NAV Hjelpemidler can apply for a dispensation to purchase the product. You must then give good reasons in the application why the price-negotiated product cannot meet your needs.

The following points must be included in the application:

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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