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HabTech AS was founded in 2021 and aims to develop intuitive and individual customized assistive aids on accessible platforms. The solutions are based on principles in habilitation, where facilitation of enablement, motivation and empowerment represent key words. HabTech AS has currently developed two apps that are available on the AppStore. 

Morten Berger

General manager HabTech AS

Morten has a master's degree in behavioral analysis and educations in counseling and coaching, welfare technology .Morten has worked as specialist in habilitation services more than for more than 20 years. He has led and contributed to several projects and is certified in project management.


Øivind Tobias Jorfald

Technically responsible and developer HabTech AS

Øivind has a bachelor's degree from NITH (now Westerdals) in Oslo. He has worked as a developer, architect and technical manager on various different projects and for different clients, and has more than 10 years of experience from the industry. He now works as a consultant in Forse Mobil, as a subject manager and teacher at Fagskolen Kristiania in addition to being a developer in HabTech AS.

Vidar Antonsen

Designer and creator of ideas HabTech AS

Nurse at the top. Graduated in 1999. Further education in guidance and welfare technology. Works at the Department of Neurohabilitation in addition to testing and creating ideas in HabTech AS.

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