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Privacy statement for the application solution e-plan habilitation


Habtech AS takes your privacy seriously. The privacy statement is designed to let you know what information is stored, where it is stored and what rights you have as a user of our solutions. The application e-plan habilitation has been developed in accordance with the Privacy Ordinance; General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter abbreviated as GDPR.


What information is stored?

Access to e-plan habilitation requires a license. To buy an individual license, an e-mail address and payment information must be registered. This information is stored with the payment provider Stripe. The email address should be a real address, but can be global with no identifiable elements. Custom username (email address) and password are used to log in to the e-plan habilitation app.


NB! In the case of invoicing / group licenses, there will be no need for any kind of individually identifiable account or payment information.


Activities consisting of photos, text, voice messages and associated functionality are stored locally in the app on your iPad. It is you as the administrator who decides what content you want to add to the e-plan. If you want to back up content, activities and folders will be uploaded to the Firebase cloud service.


Why is this information stored?

Account and payment information is stored for HabTech to manage licenses and deliver access in accordance with the agreement. Registration of e-mail address and password is required for you to be able to log in to the e-plan, as well as manage your own account and payment information.


It is you as the administrator who stores the content that is deemed appropriate for the individual. Storing activities locally is necessary to utilize the e-plan and the backup provides security if the iPad should be damaged and / or you want to use stored content on a new device. Despite the fact that the content is stored securely, it is not necessary to store any kind of identifiable or sensitive content in order to utilize the e-plan in a full-fledged way.


Who has access to the information?

You as a user have access to all account and payment information via the license administration page. The information you have stored on the iPad can be reviewed, edited or deleted at any time. Only people with access to your iPad have access to this content.


Content that have been uploaded can be downloaded from the cloud at any time (note that this operation will replace the local content in the e-plan app).


HabTech AS has access to account (e-mail) and payment information, as well as access to encrypted backed up content. Account / payment information (Stripe) and backed up (Firebase) content are kept separate at all times.


HabTech has no access to the content that you have stored on your iPad.


HabTech AS has access to general analysis data such as the number of downloads, geographical distribution of downloads and other anonymised statistics and information from Apple.


How long is the information stored?

The information that you have stored locally in your plan will be available as long as you have installed e-plan habilitation. If you delete the app, the content will also be deleted and can not be restored if you have not backed up the content. Backed up content will be stored for up to 12 months after the time a license is canceled. However, the content can be deleted immediately by contacting HabTech AS directly.


How can I access or delete the information?

You as a user always have an overview of what information you have available in the app and can whenever you wish delete photos or the app and associated content. You also have full access to account and payment information through the license administration page.


Data controller in Habtech AS: Morten Berger

Technical responsible in Habtech AS: Øivind Tobias Jorfald


Questions about privacy can be directed to the data controller at one of the following addresses:




Postal address: HabTech AS

Co / Morten Berger

Anna Rogstadsvei 18

0598 OSLO

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