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Mastery, motivation and participation

e-plan habilitation is an individually designed  digital  plan that promotes mastery, motivation and participation in everyday life.

e-plan is based on habilitation professional principles and has been developed at the Department of Neurohabilitation at Oslo University Hospital.

e-plan is currently operated by HabTech AS.

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Day mode

e-plan visualizes activities chronologically with the use of pictures, title and activity descriptions. It is also possible to add function buttons depending on the wishes and needs of the individual activity.


Weekly schedule

The weekly plan provides an overview of activities that have been completed or planned for the various days. The days of the week are visualized horizontally, while activities are displayed chronologically vertically. Each column is scrollable and can contain a large amount of activities.


e-plan is designed for the user of the solution to master their own everyday life individually  custom help. It is possible to arrange  help  with, for example, the use of visual  hours or verbal reminders. The help can also be phased out in line with the individual's self-mastery.


e-plan is designed with different preferences and needs in mind. For some, a reward system can contribute to participation and mastery. Activities with points are placed in a bank where points can be approved. It is also possible to add different symbols and emojis to visualize points or use in an individual motivational system.


e-plan is designed with participation and participation in one's own everyday life in mind. It is possible to offer 2-6 choice options per activity. It is also facilitated to say no to activities.

Examples of functionality from user mode and administrator mode

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